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We cut all types of materials: stone, marble, glass, steels, plastics, wood… with the latest “waterjet” pressure machine TCI CUTTING. Water jet cutting is a mechanical process, by which any material can be cut by a water jet striking the surface at great speed and a pressure of 4000 bars and which produces the desired finish.
It is a very versatile tool and its application is suitable in practically all industrial jobs.
Because it is a cold cutting procedure, it is especially interesting that as is demanded in all jobs, the material not be affected by the heat. There are several advantages which make this cutting method stand out in industry in comparison with other more limited cutting methods.


Allows for cutting different pieces in one pass



Eliminates deformities of the piece as it is cold cut



Cuts big thicknesses up to 200mm and all materials



No waste of material, making full use of the item


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